How To Rank Your Health Supplements Ecommerce store Online

Amazon pages is so authoritative, it will be easier to rank on google, well google always has a listing on first page of google that due to the amount of paid ads that amazon pays to google.

to rank your amazon listing, for example this breathable crib bumper listing – it is the same as any page on the web that It can be optimized. there is three element that everyone needs to be aware of:

On-page SEO: the structure and content of the web page you want to rank

When it comes to amazon and ecommerce pages, it’s important to optimize your content your title and description, images, the listing as a whole. it’s is very important for conversions as well.

Social Media Signals: How often your product is liked and shared across social media.

it is important to have Facebook and twitter page as well as major social profiles where users and clients can find your product.  Amazon is huge site, google will rank your listing as long it was received social signals. Amazon has already strong social presence. that said it covers some of your back end that you don’t have to create a huge social media presence, amazon ads will take care of some of that. but you still have to have some for your listing anyways. it’s a great to have that to bring some clients to your listing.

Backlinks: The quality of links your page has received.

google looks and 2 things when it comes to backlinks. Relevancy and authority.

relevancy means that the links are posting to your site are in the same niche or product or category of product you are selling.

it you sell health supplements, a link from health review products and health news and such will be very beneficial and has much greater impact on your ranking. on the other side, a link from different niche won’t have the same effect, even might have a negative effect. at the end that debatable.

Authority is all about the power of the domain linking to you.

you can build high quality links to your amazon listing, you can get away with spam and automatic link building.

For an example, link to your product page from the bbc news website, or wikipedia or something like, will definitely carry on more weight and help boost your rankings. on the other hand, a link from a website nobody knows about, has no traffic, has weak back link profile may not be a good choice.

How do we build R and A backlinks.

We can artificially manifacture links building by have private blog network.  And this is a network of websites that we own, we build them ourselves, have full control over them. and we basically use this to build links to amazon and e-commerce store.

there is a process of doing that, basically we have to acquire relevant and authoritative, we find expired domains from either auction through register compass and register them through godaddy, again they should be relevant and authoritative. and we use tools to determine which website are best to pick. then you set up hosting, you build a website, put relevant content to your product and niche, and you place links within that content. to your amazon page. and basically just rinse and repeat. you keep this process up until you rank highly as you like to be, which in most cases is number one.

some aspect of this process are quite technical, it you give it time and go to youtube as type in any question you have, you will find an answer or you can contact us to help you, or you can as well hiring a virtual assistant as well as hiring marketing and search engine optimization services.

the process can be costly by buying websites, and can always learn more effective ways to have cost effective process.

Please watch the following video for more info.


Getting The Right HGH Brands

HGH, or human growth hormone, has become a favorite supplement of bodybuilders and people who often perform athletic activities. The reasons for this are quite obvious. HGH can help the human body grow larger, produce more muscle mass, and possibly even give you a lot more energy. The combination of these things can make it a great supplement for performing any athletic activity.

That said, there have been problems in the past with HGH being completely unsafe. This is why the US government highly regulates certain forms of HGH. However, you can buy human growth hormone, at least certain forms of it, from overseas markets. Even so, that doesn’t mean that every type of HGH you can get from a foreign Market is safe.

How can you ensure that the HGH you are getting is going to be safe? The answer to this is fairly simple; it involves doing your research. A great place to start is to head to Google and just type in something like HGH supplements, HGH brands, or what is the safest HGH I can buy. By typing in the search terms, you’ll get many websites that will be happy to sell you their HGH, as well as tell you why they’re HGH safe.

Of course, sales people say all sorts of things. This is why you need to do a little extra research and head to weightlifting forums. Many weightlifting forums are full of people who greatly enjoy getting buff and being big. This means that many of them have tried a variety of different supplements and are happy to pass that knowledge on to you.

One thing to keep in mind is that no matter what brand of HGH you get, you’re going to need to ensure your diet is appropriate. No supplement, regardless of whether it’s a supplement or an actual drug, is going to be a magic bullet for adding mass and muscle. If all you do is take the pills and lift weights, but you still eat a bunch of junk, you’ll find that it turns into a lot of fat. That’s the opposite of what you want.

So while it may seem tedious, it’s vital that you make sure to do a lot of research before you purchase any HGH product online. After all, you wouldn’t want to get some medication that causes you problems, and you especially wouldn’t want to pay good money for something that is completely useless. So do your research before you give anyone your money, check out for more info, and make sure that the product you’re getting is the exact product that you want.